Monday, September 30, 2013

Little Moments.

Did life ever get so rushed that you forgot to breathe? Today, after (home) school and morning/afternoon chores, Gabe took Ella out to run errands with him. Leaving me completely.alone. So, I sat down at the table and this is what I saw.

Coupons, to-do list, cookbooks, even my dumb phone had new texts on it. Ugh.

I even had two crockpots going at once. Some days, I swear...I need to write "breathe" on my to-do list, otherwise it will never get done. After their errands, Gabe and Ella came home with a surprise. It totally made my heart melt. My 30th birthday is this Thursday, and while I don't care about turning 30, I also don't care for birthdays. I have always, always wanted one of these.

Looking at this sign, it makes me realize just how much God has already blessed my family. Even though I am stressed to the gills sometimes. Even though sometimes it seems like all I do is work, in one capacity or another, at my paid job or at my home. He gives me the energy I need to get up each and every morning and do my work. He gives me the wisdom to teach my child. He gave my husband a job.  He gave us a house to live in where I can hang this sign! Most importantly, He gave us the opportunity to be in fellowship with Him. I overlook that fact so much.
I'm promising myself that I won't overlook these little moments anymore: my morning prayer time, the way Ella's face lights up when she masters a hard math problem, my husband's easygoing smile...I have so many blessings. I don't want to overlook a single one.

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