Thursday, October 6, 2016

30 Days, 30 Ways: Days 24 and 25

Ella's in the process of growing her (already very long hair) to donate next year...we're always looking for cool hairstyle ideas...we found some right here and are nearly done with the 30 days!!!

Day 24: Twisty Bun (combination upstyle)
We used: A brush, an elastic, some clips, and bobby pins
Ella's verdict: "Another bun? Aggggh."

(to be fair, it's been buns, buns, buns)

Day 25: Pinwheel Bun (yep, another bun)
We used: A brush, an elastic, one clip, and some bobby pins
Ella's verdict: "Even though it's a bun, Mom, it's pretty cool."

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