Monday, August 15, 2016

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good morning, friends! I am actually OFF today. OFF. Unbelievable. However, I am going to a garden center's end of season sale (yes, more plants, don't judge), so I need to get this post up here quick!

The weather: Bright and sunny, which is awesome, because we've had a lot of rain. I'm thankful that we've not had the flooding that some places have. I have friends in those regions and it's terrifying watching some of the Facebook updates from Louisiana.

Right now, I am: Typing this post, and running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Oh the life of a Mom and Wife.

Thinking: That it's probably not the best idea to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Also, that I need to buy a couple heads of garlic.

On my reading pile: "The Book Thief" which I'm reading with my best friend (even though she's in TX, love texting!) and "A Cold Dark Place" (slow going because I'm so busy)...although I did sit down last week and read Jaycee Dugard's "A Stolen Life" in one sitting, alternately gasping and crying because what she went through was so horrific.

On my T.V.: The question is...despite my day off, will I even get TIME to turn on the TV?

On the menu for this week:
Monday: Frittata for me and Gabe, Chicken and CousCous for Ella, who has a summer cold.
Tuesday: Pork Tacos
Wednesday: Slow Cooker Beef Stew
Thursday: Broccoli and Bacon Mac and Cheese Casserole
Friday: Stuffed Peppers
Saturday: Potato Veggie Chowder
Sunday: "Plain Old Spaghetti" at Ella's request

On my to do list: LOL everything. Washing sheets, cleaning the bathrooms, organizing school supplies (how is my kid in the 5th grade?) We have a Back to School thing to attend at a church this week, and tons of clothes to start to organize for a Wee-Cycle sale this week (hey, it gets rid of stuff, and it's extra money. Win-win!) Also, weed my neighbor's garden (and my own...)

In the craft basket: Still that skirt. I'm terrible, you guys. THE WORST.

Looking forward to this week: Did I mention that I'm going to a GARDEN CENTER? And that I'm going to get PLANTS? Yes, I'm a bit obsessed. Also, that back to school thing, which should be fun for Ella (and, OK, for me too. I'll admit it)

Looking around the house: The Sphinx is asleep on a box of school supplies. I need to close my window. People are mowing lawns and it's driving me a bit batty.

From the camera: We had two epic meetings with bugs this past week! Check 'em out!

On my prayer list: So many people, but one especially close to my heart is a young pregnant girl, struggling to make the right decision for her unborn daughter. God knows who she is, so if you would just pray for her?

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  1. Hello! I loved The Book Thief. One of my all time favorites. Enjoy!

  2. I just watched The Book Thief. It was amazing. Now, I want to read it!

  3. Yay for a day off!! And yay for more flowers!! (I'll never judge) ;)

    And yay for school starting (I can't wait - insert happy dance here)

    Love your super cool bug photos!! Great captures! And prayers sent for your friend Sweetie. Blessings on the week ahead. xoxo

  4. It took me a couple of looks to figure out the second bug was a dragon fly. Cool picture! My oldest son was reading his teacher's copy of The Book Thief at the end of the school year last year and had me get him a copy at the library so he could finish, must be a good book :) Hope you have a great week (The garden center sounds fun).